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Here is where I’m adding NEW STUFFS to try and see what it will be like. Let’s see, we have a score-through and just a touch, just a tiny bit of html stuff.

I just used the paragraph, let’s see if it works out okay.

  • Here is a bulleted list of things that I hope this will help me do
  • Keep all my variants in one easy to find place so that people can make characters easier
  • Allow for easier discussion of the games in whatever way we can so that more discussion can be done between sessions about strategy and rules variants
  • Make the time spent arguing about rules variants more productive and seperate it more from the actual game.
  • Allow those that want to look over the adventure logs to do so, this will hopefully it will be easier for everyone to remember what they were doing last session and help strengthen interest in the stories.
Here are the games I am hoping to run
  1. The Kingdoms of Kalamar D&D 3.5 with Pathfinder Core added as variant rules. I figure we should finish an adventure in this because that way I don’t have to explain the gaming system and the gaming software at the same time.
  1. The World of Darkness Mage game using Old World of Darkness stories and New World of Darkness rules should be quite simple to run online, and easily lends itself to automation. I think this will be the next one we try.
  1. The Fallout Game will continue to be run in person, but I’m going to post all of the rules variants and all up here so that people can be faster about character creation.
  1. The Pulp Sci-Fi game will also be done in person, but will have all variants and necessary information for character creation posted up here.

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